Investment Activation, Funds and Reporting

Investment Activation

Successful companies must complete the following activation requirements within 30 days of investment approval:

  1. Execution of OCI’s standard funding agreement. (Please do not fill out this template; a copy of the agreement will be generated through AccessOCI and sent to the Company upon approval of the investment.)
  2. Proof of Matching Funds: Please note that the proof of matching contribution in the form of a current bank statement (dated within 30 days approval notification) is required before the OCI investment can be released.
  3. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)/ Direct Deposit form and void cheque
  4. Execution of OCI's standard Convertible Debenture or other financial instrument approved by OCI prior to submission
  5. Company's profile

Flow of Funds

After the activation requirements have been met, OCI will release the full amount of the OCI investment.

OCI will not release any funds until the investment is activated, and will not be held responsible for any expenses incurred for the investment prior to activation. If for any reason the requirements for activation are not met within thirty (30) days from the date of release of the approval notification, the investment offer may be retracted.


Investment Reporting

The following investment reports will be required. Please note that completion of all required reports is a contractual obligation, as per the terms of OCI funding agreement. Failure to comply with reporting requirements will result in the termination of the investment and collection of the funds invested by OCI.

Final Report

  • The Final Report, including progress, performance metrics, proof of expenditures, and a financial attestation, must be submitted within 30 days of completion of the milestones in AccessOCI and is a contractual obligation.
  • If early reporting is required, the company MAY request it by emailing the Program Manager.

Annual Investor Update

The company will be required to complete an annual metrics survey each April for five years following investment date that allows OCI to measure the impact of the investment. Please visit the OCI Knowledge Base of Frequently Asked Questions for more information on activating your project and submitting project reports.